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Challenge Finding, Monitoring or Tracking Information in Videos
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Time it takes to watch each video

to find anything in a video today you need to watch the full video, once you find that information you need to mark it and remember where it is in the film. So for a 60 minute film, searching for a 30 second clip could take an hour.

Employee cost

Our goal is to reduce the amount of time it takes to review videos and images.
Reduce the number of people required to review videos and images.
And make videos and images fully keyword searchable.

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Psychological trauma to employees

This makes it so if you are searching for a person holding a can of pepsi while smiling you can find this exact moment in a video without watching the video.

Less time
More productivity
Fully Searchable Videos
Videos & Audio
Full Cycle AI
Detailed understanding of products
Practical AI
User Focused Design

Our user-centered approach ensures that we are always delivering value to our users. We are constantly iterating and validating assumptions via user research and user testing.

Search for Sounds

Find someone or something with exact details. Search for cars moving on a highway or search for a child riding a bike.

Search for Actions

Find specific topics, statements or keywords in a video.
Services -


Find keywords, topics or exact statements within audio by just searching for them via text.
Go deeper than just searching for text and really find the connections across products and users.
Uploads as many videos as you want and review them all at once.

Safety & responsibility

Our work to create safe and beneficial AI requires a deep understanding of the potential risks and benefits, as well as careful consideration of the impact.


Developing safe and beneficial AI requires people from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds.

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"I encourage my team to keep learning. Ideas in different topics or fields can often inspire new ideas and broaden the potential solution space."

Lilian Weng
Applied AI at OpenAI
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